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Welcome to Science Olympiad at Cornell’s website! We are an undergraduate organization at Cornell that is dedicated to improving and expanding the experience of high school students in Science Olympiad. Our activities include volunteering at local Science Olympiad competitions and organizing a high school invitational. The Cornell Science Olympiad Division C Invitationals were held on Saturday, January 24, 2015, February 6th, 2016, and December 3rd 2016. The inaugural Division B Invitational was held on February 4th, 2017.

Noel Picinich
Co-President | Computer Science 2020

Former Director of Builds Events (2017-2018)

High School: Boca Raton Community High School, Florida

Favorite Events: Mission Possible

Fun Fact: Sour gummy worms are her weakness

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Rahul Rambhatla
Co-President | Chemical Engineering 2020

Former Director of Logistics (2017-2018)

High School: Solon High School, Ohio

Favorite Events: Forestry

Fun Fact: When someone tells him to go to his happy place, he goes to Costco

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Shahzaib Saleem
Advisor | Biological Sciences and Near Eastern Studies 2019

Former Co-President (2017-2018) and Secretary/Webmaster (2016-2017)

High School: Sewanhaka High School, New York

Favorite Events: Dynamic Planet, Material Science, Geologic Mapping, Write It Do It

Fun Fact: Is a cricket fanatic — the sport, not the insect.

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Winnie Ho
Advisor | Biological Sciences 2019

Former Director of Test Events (2017-2018), Volunteer Coordinator (2016-2017) and General Board Member (2015-2016)

High School: Syosset High School, New York

Favorite Events: Anatomy & Physiology, Designer Genes, Cell Biology, Disease Detectives, Protein Modeling

Fun Fact: Has more cats than friends

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Megan She
Director of Test Events | English 2020

Former Secretary/Webmaster (2017-2018)

High School: The Pembroke Hill School, Missouri

Favorite Events: Disease Detectives, Experimental Design, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbe Mission

Fun Fact: Was once interviewed on French national news

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Graham Wilcox
Director of Build Events | Engineering Physics 2021

Former Freshman Representative (2017-2018)

High School: Vestal High School, New York

Favorite Events: Optics, Road Scholar, Storm the Castle, Experimental Design

Fun fact: Haribo Gold Bear purist

Jonathan Chin Cheong
Director of Logistics | Biological Sciences 2021

High School: Florida Atlantic University High School, Florida

Favorite Event(s): Fossils, Invasive Species, Material Science, Protein Modeling

Fun Fact: Avid supporter of volleyball, green tea, and daytime napping

Anthony Brites
Quality Control Manager | Chemical Engineering 2020
Haniya Abbasi
Volunteer Coordinator | Biology & Society 2020

High School: Division Avenue High School, NY

Favorite Event(s): Wright Stuff, Protein Modeling

Fun Fact: Has seen Parks and Recreation 14 times

Lydia Zheng
Ambassador | ILR 2020

Former General Board Member (2017-2018)

High School: Munster High School, Indiana

Favorite Events: Hydrogeology, Forensics

Fun Fact: Once got her arm stuck in a massage chair and had to call 911 to get it out

Swathi Chandrika
Treasurer | Engineering Physics 2021